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Camp Bimoba

The camp is a 16 acre wilderness island, located on Middle Lake, in the Winnipeg River system, NW of the City of Kenora.

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No Fixed Address
Middle Lake Road, Kenora, ON

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This is wilderness property, which by definition, is void of all modern conveniences. Modern amenities do not exist on the island.

There is one building 24’ wide by 56’ long on the west shore of the island, used as a main shelter in bad weather, and one 8x8 storage shed. The main building is insulated and heated by a wood stove.  Cooking is done on a propane stove or by camp stove(s).  Sleeping facilities in the cabin are cots or mattresses on the floor. No changes occur in basic structure or operation from year to year. Every aspect of camp operation is accomplished by volunteer Scouting members.

Safety and risk management standards are maintained as appropriate in a wilderness context. Inspection of the property and buildings is a must on every visit to the island by Scout leaders, and regularly on each visit by the property manager.

No other individuals or groups outside of Scouting are permitted to use the property and facilities.

Site Access

Access to the property and camp is by boat, or canoe, in open water season (May to October).  In the winter (December/January to end of March) access is a ten minute walk across the frozen lake, or by snow machine/ATV. The months of   November/ December are freeze up.  Late March/April are break-up. Access is dependent upon safe ice conditions or open water.  In the very best of seasons with solid ice conditions, a road is plowed for light vehicles (4X4 half tons or similar).  Experienced experts in winter ice travel, weather professionals, and current OPP reports are consulted prior to travel to ensure ice conditions exceed safe use standards.. If there is the slightest doubt regarding safe ice conditions, camp use is absolutely forbidden.  

Program Activities and Sites

Summer – canoeing, hiking, nature study, camping skills.

Winter – snowshoeing, sliding, winter survival etc.

Age Groups   


 All Sections

There is a large metal ringed fire pit located in the field behind the camp building, and a second one on the upper camping field located on the open field 100 yards from the camp building.



There is no potable water supply on the island, or in the camp.  Users are responsible to bring safe drinking water with them.




This is an island surrounded by water, however, the shores are rocky and there is no beach area per se.

2 - outhouses behind the camp.


Cell Coverage/9-1-1 Coverage

There is no structured chapel, however, Scouts Own are conducted around the Island in nature’s environment.

There are no land line phones. Communications is dependent on personal cell phones, by pre-arrangement with a shore contact for the duration of the event/visit.

There is a cleared space at the landing on the mainland sufficient to accommodate an ambulance if required.  Transport from the island to the landing is 500 yards by boat. 


The camp property is owned by the City of Kenora, by reason of a legal transfer of title of said property, from the Thomas Elliott estate in 1960. The property is legally described as Parcel No. 65526, being island D360, in the Township of  Pellatt.  It has become known locally as “Scout Island” by common usage.   The island was originally owned by Thomas B. Elliott, Keewatin Ontario.

The City by-law states that the island is to be held in perpetuity for the use of Scouting, and may never be sold or disposed of, so long as it is used continuously by Scouting.  The property and by-law covering the island are legally registered as such in the Land Titles Office in Kenora, Ontario.  The camp name is derived from the surnames of the leaders who originally built it - Louis Bissonette, Lionel Mongrain, and Dennis Balshan – bi-mo-ba.


Contact Don or Olean Jones at, 807-468-6217, 311 3rd St. N., Kenora, Ontario, P9N 2L8 to book Bimoba.

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