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Service Areas

Northern Ontario Council is made up of 5 Service Areas, as follows:

  • Ken-Kee Area is the most Western edge of the Northern Ontario Council. Geographically one of the largest areas, it begins in Kenora, located on Lake of the Woods and includes northern communities such as Red Lake and Sioux Lookout.
  • Northern Waters AreaFrom North Bay to Cochrane, Northern Waters Area is a warm and welcoming place where the Scouting tradition lives on year round. Come and visit one of our community minded Groups or experience the great outdoors at one of our local camps. Either way, the Welcome Sign is always out!
  • Algoma Country Area is in the centre of Northern Ontario and is bounded East and West by Northern Shield and Thunder Bay areas. Algma Country staraddles the Cambrian Shield and dips into the Great Lakes, offering boundless opportunities for outdoor adventures.
  • Northern Shield Area encompasses a lot of the trees and rocks and water from Sudbury all the way to Kapuskasing. Home to an enterprising bunch of Scouts and Scouters who enjoy outdoor adventures in all four seasons.
  • Thunder Bay Area From Quetico Provincial Park in the west, to Pukaskwa National Park in the east, and north from the US Border to Polar Bear Provincial Park on Hudson Bay, Thunder Bay Area is ideal for outdoor adventures of many kinds. Grey Wolf, the Area Camp, is located in the outskirts of Thunder Bay, making it easily accessible for local Groups and visiting Groups to practice their outdoor skills closer to home.

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